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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Pad Decor posts some stunning rooms. This one in particular caught my eye.

If there was a style that would most represent me, this could very well be it.

Gray is a soothing, earthy color. It reminds me of the earths clay. Clay is something you can mold, make your own. Something that has so much value, minerals, and vitality. If you pick the right shade of gray as they did in this bathroom, the sky is the limit with what you can accomplish as far as feel and look goes. It can make for a beautiful environment.

What I like about this bathroom is that the white is not overbearing. It is what makes it crisp, clean, and inviting. The wood gives it warmth and the depth necessary to balance the gray and white. The bathroom has more of a bedroom feel than a bathroom feel. One can picture ones self stepping in to this space falling into a relaxed. The designer did a fabulous job.

Part of what gives this bathroom it's bedroom feel is the beautiful chandelier over the bath. It adds a glamours feel. Fit for a queen with little touches here and there, but in no way presumptuous. The large painting on the wall to the right and the smaller ones above the bath give it a homey feel, without taking the true strength and presense of the room and discarding it. The long curtains to the floor add to it's character.

Some people believe a room can not evoke more than one look. Notice how glamour, a homey feel, elegance, simplistic, and natural all work together in harmony here? Definitely one of my favorite rooms I have seen in a while.


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