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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Beauty of Handmade

So much of what we do in design school is hands on. As I mentioned, I am currently enrolled in four classes: Sketching for Communications, Conceptual Design, Model Building and the Design Process and Materials. This isn't my first time around getting a degree from a University, but it is the first time I have so much hands on work. So much creativity expected of me. I love it!

One of the things I have learned is to appreciate all art. It takes so much time, devotion, passion and creativity to put what may often times seem like the most minimal of projects. When I saw this crochet necklace, i stopped to look at it's design, the idea of turning material into something valuable and the person whose hands made this with care. Loved the necklace. Don't know who made it, but whomever you are, THANK YOU for adding value to design and for having such a passion for it!

The fact that the material is black, bold and large, makes a great statemtent and would really stand out with a solid color. The entire outfit need not be solid but with the shirt being a solid color that would be great! I see chartreuse, yellow, fusia, even gray looking stunning with this. Actually do it's being black, just about any color would work. Gorgeous don't you think?


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