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Sunday, April 18, 2010


These are the interior design books I recommend for the week:

30 homes are featured in The Divine Home: Living with Spiritual Objects. The book is large and heavy and filled with Peter Vitale's luscious photography. While the photographs are breathtaking, the text tells the owner's stories and is quite interesting. Most of the objects featured are of museum quality--but unlike a museum, the viewer gets to see the art within the context of a real home. As a designer, my favorite aspect of the book is seeing the way the art is displayed in the rooms. If you collect art, I would recommend this book for that feature alone.

Daryl Carter has created a new genre and a signature style that is elegant, classical, and comfortable, where the new mixes with the old, and less is certainly more. His equal parts of restraint and creativity create an amazing combination. This book is like a slow, beautiful, casual walk through a well designed yet livable home. I wanted to stop, sit down and enjoy being in many of those rooms. Daryl Carter is already important as furniture designer, lighting designer, and interior designer and if this book is any indication likely the next Martha Stewart like figure for home furnishing.

The Luxury Bathroom tours thirty-five state-of-the-art spaces created by today’s top designers. Once the most purely functional of rooms, bathrooms today are evolving into the most fanciful and sumptuous of living spaces. As you read these pages, you'll feel as if you are at a spa vacation home, or an unabashedly social space complete with wet bar and fabulous upholstery. You'll also see a woman’s private sanctuary that is the ultimate expression of contemporary femininity.

The Luxury Bathroom reveals a surprising range of possibilities for reinventing this room. A phenomenal array of unique materials and the limitless imagination, has become a nucleus of style and taste, but perhaps it is most notable for seducing its owners to spend time there. With the endless possibilities for what was once a boxed-in space, the bathroom has become the Cinderella star of a fancy dress ball. And so The Luxury Bathroom will inform and entertain as it celebrates not just the bathroom, but really the imagination.

credits: Nora,, and Robert Haft


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