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Thursday, August 26, 2010



If you want to add color, warmth cozyness or personality and whimsy to your rooms, one of the best avenues in which to accomplish this, is by the use of pillows. 

Big ones, small ones, rectangular ones, square ones, oval, circular, you name it.

Pillows are quite expressive. 

Currently my living room furniture has a reddish shade to it.  Not bright, candy apple red, not burgandy, but something in between.  I am excited about my new living room furniture because it adds some fun to the space. The sofa came with pillows, but they are generic looking.  (At least to me).  And you know me, I don't like generic.  Individualistic is the name of the game!

In my hunt for pillows I came up with these beauties.  Nothing that would go well with my living area, but most definitely some pieces that I wanted to share with you so that you can see the latest trends in decor as far as pillows are concerned. 

Beneath the photos of the pillows, you will find the name of the pillow, or its description.  Click on it if you would like more information on the pillow.  It will take you to the link where the pillow is being sold.

These are beautiful.  The watermelon shade with the yellow evokes warmth, and a feeling of summer.  Nevertheless, it is a pillow that can be used year round.  It would look stunning on a chair or sofa that is of any of the colors found in the pillow.  Or be creative, and use it on a blue piece to represent the sky.

The pillow itself is not being sold, the pillow cover is what is for sale. This throw pillow cover is sewn with Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection In KleoAlexander Henry Fabrics Collection Kleo (and we all know how beautiful Alexander Henry Fabrics are!) 18x18 set of 2 marigold black red white. Price:  $42

Another beautiful pillow.  Not precisely one you can snuggle with, but a looker for sure!  This is the Mermaid PillowMermaid Pillow made of leather. 
This would add wonderful texture to a neutral room.

Once again they are not selling the pillow itself, but rather the pillow cover.  It is 16x16 Inches and the price is $24.95

Ocean blue.  One of my favorite colors (you will find I say this about almost every color).  At times it is beautiful to see several throw pillows of different sizes together.  This would be a piece that would look fabulous in conjunctions with others of different shapes and sizes.  For some reason when I look at it I am reminded of Greece.  Its white buildings against it's blue waters.  It would add a special feel to a crisp white room with large windows that lead to an ocean view.  Or if there is no ocean view, maybe to a beautiful back yard view.

This pillow is known as the Under The Tree Embroidery Turquoise Pillow.  Once again, it is the pillow cover that is being sold here, and not the pillow.   Price: $17.

Isn't this one fun!  Great for a summer home.  Can be used outdoors on the front porch chairs, indoors in the rustic living room, thrown about the family room and even in the kitchen nook.  Mixed with other pillows, in dark rooms, bright rooms, white rooms.  It is versatile.

This is the Red Lobsters On white Pillow throw pillow.  Price $20.

French, French, French.  Need I say more?  We all know my obsession with the French, and their culture.  This one would be a good way to bring a little bit of the French into our homes.

This is the Great Shopping In Paris Pillow Pillow Cover by Word Garden.  I emphasize "cover."  It is not the pillow that is being sold here.  Price: $24.99
In my book, romance will never lose it's fire.  This pillow is full of romance and femininity.  It would look at home on a vanity chair or a very padded bed!  The fact that it is bright pink instead of a light pink, screams "I am feminine, BUT, watch I have spicey too!"

This is the Shabby Chic Pillow cover by cottage chic.  It measures 18x18, and the best part is that it is reversible!  Price: $25

They have this geometric patterned pillow listed as being the color pumpkin.  It may be the lighting in the photograph, but it seems more brownish/olive green to me.  Either way, the color and pattern is grand!  it reminds me of South Beach and it's retro lifestyle! 

Once again, it is the pillow cover that is being sold here and not the pillow.  It is an 18 inch-Palazzo Trellis that comes in both Light Aqua And Pumpkin. (Pumpkin shown here).  Price: $35.00


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