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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today I was reading Unpluggd.  I could read that blog all day.  Anyway...the author of the blog asked what were the 10 posessions we could not live without. 

It got me thinking...and you know me...when I get thinking, it can get dangerous!

The truth is, I don't think there is much I cannot live without.  I can deal without just about everything other than the basic living necessities such as security, safety, peace, love, a roof over my head, health, love, a job, and transportation, I think I am set.  I don't get attached to much.  So my answer is not really going to be about what posessions I can't live without, but more about posessions that i use most.


1) MY MAC AIR COMPUTER-  This is vital.  I do everything here from attend the university, to see the news.  It keeps my home from  getting cluttered with papers, CD's DVD's, books, etc.  Everything is in ths handy little guy and everything I do, love and enjoy, it is used for.  So my computer would definitely be number one. (By the way, can you believe my Mac Air with all its

2) MY DIGITAL CAMERA - Very important.  I am never caught without it.  It is in my purse at all times.  I take pictures of everything.  It is a form of recreation and a way to keep memories.  

3) MY FLIP HD - This thing is used as much as my digital camera.  It is always on me as well.  In my trusty purse!  I take videos mostly of my little girl.  At 3 I want to capture everything she does!

4) MY PURSE - A must.  It has everything.  My keys, digital camera, FlipHD, makeup, hair brush, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, wallet and all it's contents, hand cream.


6) MY SURROUND SOUND SPEAKERS FOR MY TELEVISION AND COMPUTER - Nothing is better than a big screen and powerful sound quality.  Makes for some great beats for dancing, or some scary movies!

7) MY IPHONE with all my music, photos, apps, etc.

8) MY ART SUPPLIES - for architecture, interior design, crafts, furniture and and wallpaper and fabric design, paints, colored penciles, glues, brushes, you name it!


9) MY KITCHEN GEAR - I LOVE to cook and just like with anything else, the quality of anything used in cooking is important.  Everything from the rice cooker to the kitchen aid, the spices and the herbs.

10) MY BOOKS - Oh  my I love thee!  I have moved, left every posession behind except for a few personal items, but i have never left my books behind.  Just can't do it! 

(I would have included my home and my car, but those things seemed to obvious).

Ok, so there is my list of 10 possessions.  What's yours?

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