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Saturday, October 29, 2011


So tell many of you are cupcake lovers?  I myself buy those tiny cupcakes at the grocery store.  I keep telling myself that, "One little bite won't hurt."  Then...once I eat one, I tell myself that eating something so tiny can't have too many calories and maybe I can have two more.  Ugh...self-betrayal.  That's what I call it.

The good news, is that there is a new cupcake in town.  And, listen to has NO CALORIES!  However, I warn you; it looks so comfy, that I may turn into a couch potato and then...I may retain calories!

Here is the new cupcake seating collection by Bretz.  Those Germans, they really know how to make things!   The collection consists of a sofa, armchair and stool. 

Description from Bretz:

"It is round, gentle, yet a mind of its own: CUPCAKE. Already its name alludes to comforting, warm dough which is about to flow over while flagrantly leaving the oven."

Now tell me that doesn't sound delightful!  

A selection is available.  I chose this particular sofa because of it's velvety texture and the unbelievable color.  If one is going to invest in a sofa such as this one, it's best to make it stand out!  

You can find the Cupcake line at the Bretz website.  

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