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Friday, February 19, 2010


Well, I have to tell you, I am LOVING my university. It's not walk in the park that's for sure, as the classes have been difficult. But I am up for the challenge and enjoying myself greatly. I wake up urging to get going and to learning more. I am never disappointed. My instructors have been fantastic except for one I am a bit unsure of. He does not seem at all interested in teaching. I rarely see him around and he isn't prompt to answer. Very uninterested. There is always one of those is there not?

These are the classes I am currently taking:

Sketching for Communications
Conceptual Design
Modelmaking and the Design Process

I have learned TONS so I can't complain. I am MUCH better and drawing and sketching now (as I didn't know how to draw OR sketch AT ALL, before). I am very excited about this and most definitely feel I am getting my money's worth. At $20,000 a year it is a steep price to pay for ones education, but I am finding it all worth it. (This of course does not include books, materials, and all the things that some classes require us to spend money on every month). Ok so let me get off this subject before I start worrying about how I am going to do this. ; )

In my sketching for communications class I have learned:

1)The principles of convergence and diminution
2)The concept of eye level/horizon line
3)I am now able to draw ellipses at various pitches.
4)I am able to recognize and draw the four basic shapes: cones, spheres, cylinders, and cubes.
5)I know now how to Break down complex objects into the four basic shapes.
6)I understand the relationship between complex objects and the horizon line.
7)I recognize, analyze, and apply the rules of perspective to complex objects.
8)I can draw complex objects in one- and two-point perspective.
9)I understand how horizon line placement affects interior space.
10) I am able to draw interior environments in one- and two-point perspective.
11) I am able to conceptualize and visualize an imagined interior space on paper.
12) I am able to analyze photographs, using them as references for a finished drawing

In my Conceptul for design class I have learned:
1) I now understand the importance of drawing in design.
2) I Understand the three types of drawings.
3) I can now examine what constitutes good line quality in freehand design sketches.
4) I know how to utilize freehand drawing techniques.
5) I have learn how to draw plans and elevations (complete several step-by-step exercises).
6) I have gained an understanding of axonometrics.
7) I have learned how to draw axonometrics

In my modelbuilding for Design Class I have learned:
1) I have learned how to make a model cube
2) I have learned how to build a staircase model
3) I have learned how to build a building or house facade
4) I have been introduced to landscaping for my facades

In my materials class I have learned:

1) I have learned about the history of interior design.
2) I have learned about the professional interior design organizations.
3) I understand the different fields of interior design.
4) I have learn how to set my professional and personal goals.
5) I have learned about the design process.
6) I have learned how to work with a concept.
7) I understand good design.
8) I learned the color theory.
9) I learned about the color wheel.
10) I learned about the different types of color schemes.

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