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Friday, February 19, 2010


This doesn't look like a shabby travel lodge with smelly, moldy carpet does it? That's because it's not....anymore that is. was this kind of place before Chris Sheffield got his creative hands on it. He did an excellent job at turning it from a filthy travel lodge to an inspiring, well lit and inviting new place.

One of his goals was to give the lodges rooms a boutique type of feel. He chose artwork and lighting (Lamps, pendants, etc.), from vintage and flea market finds One of the fun parts to the rooms (there are over 190 of them) was that Sheffield painted quotes on the walls from Janice Joplin to Bon Jovi. He also had professional photographers take shots at the local beach and then had them turned into collages and murials in the rooms.

The 4,700 lobby had the greatest overhaul. Ninety percent of it was demolished and rebuilt. It's a fun space where surfbords and skateboards of all colors and ideas can be found for a little whimsy and fun. The lobby is made up of a vibrant selection of vintage-inspired pinks, oranges, and browns. The walls solid white and the floor an industrial concrete look. Lots of the color comes from the books which happens to be my FAVORITE part of the hotel, as those of you that know me, know I am a bibliophile to the core!

Disclaimer: These photos were NOT taken by me. I found the photos and some information on ID (Interior Design) If you would like to view THEIR article please go to the following link:

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