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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bedrooms Likes and Dislikes

My bedroom is my haven. It must be orderly, organized, clean, smell good, be fully functional, and esthetically pleasing in color and concept. I don't do well in a diorganized, cluttered or even badly decorated space.

This bed is a beauty. Its intricate detail and heavy wood make it feel royal, larger than life, and you know the moment you lay down in it you'll feel pampered. HOWEVER...if you look at the wall paper, it doesn't work for me. (Not to say it won't work for you). It seems too country or kitcheny or something and it just doesn't seem to do the space any justice. Once again, I am talking about ME. It may work for YOU. To each his own.

This bedroom on the other hand, is my ideal. Spacious, clean, uncluttered, everything in it's place. It is white and crisp yet the walls have an old world, unfinished look to them that makes the room feel more homey than it would otherwise. Gorgeous room. I'll take this one please!


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