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Sunday, April 18, 2010

BIBLIOPHILE TO THE CORE any of you that know me, know that my greatest passion is BOOKS! Big books, small books, weird books, intellectual books. You name it I'll read it. If all you have is an instruction manual, well pass that on too! I'll read anything I can get my hands on. Seriously, when it comes to books I am like a bad addict. I will sell my soul for one. (Ok so maybe not go that far, but you know ; ) I have been known to move, leave all my clothes, beauty products, and everything I own behind and only take my books with me. Crazy?..insane?...maybe, but it is meeeee! I love it. Being a bibliphile is TOTALLY fulfilling. So my furniture pick for today is what? You got it, 'BOOKSHELVES!"

I am an animal advocate. Always signing petitions, calling congressman, trying to get others involved, so i in no way shape or form would be an advocate for a REAL zebra rug, but these fake ones are so fun. They add so much to a room. I think every room should have a bit of the fun and whimsical. A zebra rug is a great way to do this. I have a friend who purchased a zebra rug after she saw the one I had in my living room. She decorated the room black and white. It looked GORGEOUS! But later on she told me she wanted some color but was scared to add it. We ended up adding some lime green and a few years later she switched it to pink. A bit crazy I know, but so fun and it was stunning. Everytime someone came over they wanted to sit in the "zebra room" The picture below is not of her home, but it is beautiful none the less. These are great bookshelves.

Black laquer is so elegant. When you add a bit of the modern, it makes it more relaxed. This room is a favorite of mine. The mini gold dress hanging shows us the owner of this home likes to stand out, enjoy her life, and be entertained! Great bookshelves too.

This is an idea many people pass up. They ask, "How can I separate one big room into two? Make them more private without needing a wall or a door? The solution here is the green apple curtain. Makes the room versitile. But the best part? The books on those bookshelves!

This bookshelf is just fun.

The bookcovers are great, but they are more for look or design than purpose. A reader must see the title of the books and this just hides them. But isn't it gorgeous?!!


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  1. I love that bookshelf! I want one for my office. It's totally cute!


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