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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Inspires You?

Vintage, vintage, vintage. Did I say, "VINTAGE?" Vintage shoes, clothing, design, , vintage EVERYTHING...inspires me. Vintage anything inspires me. Going back in time, revisiting history, examining line and form. It's alllllll inspiring.

A piece of beautiful furniture screaming, "Rehapolster me!" Is an inspiration.

Traveling is an inspiration. I get inspired just planning my trip and once on it, I keep a journal and take many photographs to keep track of my daily inspirations, which are many!

We all have a woman or person in history we admire. I have more than I can mention. But Audrey Hepburn is one of the most important for me. It is her grace, fashion sense, philanthropic work, and love of art and animals.

A well designed home is a great inspiration and warm invitation when I am in the midst of a beautiful home inspiration just flows none stop.

I think and do my best work at night. When everyone is asleep and I can sit in my living room or at my space dedicated as my art studio, sip on wine, listen to jazz, and play with my art (watercolor, colored pencils, pens, sketch book, swatches etc). But night is also a time where I relax and escape. I can sit outside and stare at the dark blue sky for hours. It's when I pray my hardest, feel my free est, and also enjoy sitting around with friends. We light one simple candle or light an outdoor fire. Doesn't get much more inspirational than that, does it?

Nature, oh my I can't say enough about it. It is inspirational in it's rhythm and respect it has for itself. It clears my mind, my soul and allows me to catch my breath. Inspiration flows everywhere.

A good laugh clears my thoughts, my fears and my worries. Inspiration can then enter freely.

Since I was in third grade, I have been keeping a diary/journal where i express my deepest parts of my mind and my heart. They work as great spiritual releases for me and allow me to get to know myself even better. It's a space and private place all my own to express myself. Expression tends to lead towards creativity. I also am very inspired by my sketch book. For this is usually where the creativity starts. I haven't always kept one. Actually it's new thing for me and I love it!

My gadgets inspire me because I use them to communicate, do research, take pictures of things to remember, videos of movement and sound. It's what I use to listen to my favorite music to get my hips shaking or my head moving. All of these gadgets are a form of expression with the outside world for me. I do have a few gadgets missing in this picture. My Flip is one of them. So is my camera.

The texture and color of fabrics get my mind thinking of all the possibilities...

Nothing gives me more warmth and and happiness than my pets. They bring me to a state of happiness and relaxation that can only bring on inspiration. I love them and as I do all the animals I am an advocate for. This little guy would inspire anyone!

Glossy magazines full of information, color, ideas, concepts and creativity. Books that take me to worlds beyond the one I live in. These are things that inspire me to learn more and be more. They inspire me to create, to understand, to challenge myself.

I am constricted by clothing. Can't stand undergarments (none of them), and clothing holds me back. Shoes are the worst. I love to be barefoot and feel the earth beneath my feet, where I am one with it and there is nothing between me and nature. I feel energized and am inspired by the freedom.

Photo Credits: FloweryLuza, FleaMarketStudio, Sketchbook_Sinney, MakoWorks, Samjii, SmoothPebble, WorldsPrettiestFeet, SnowRiderGuy, Ucumari, ArtisticFeet, Mosipy, Lazybone_Cafe,


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