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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am one of those, "Everything in it's place," kind of people.
I'm not fond of wires, cords, and random gadgets lying around.
Like most of you, I have a million and one gadgets.
I keep them all tidy and split them up between two drawers, (because one is just not enough).

The problem is when I have to look for a particular gadget, I have to fish around for it.
I need something more open and not as deep as a drawer, (where the smaller items can get lost)
I made it my goal, to find a solution. I knew one had to be out there.

Allow me to introduce you to the Grid It Organizer at a mere $22 bucks!  I am THRILLED!
It is made of stretchy bands which allow you to slip and fit items of different sizes and lengths.
Thank you Grid It Organizer, people!  (Buy it at

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