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Thursday, July 8, 2010


For about 3 months now, I have been told by random people that I am so, "WAG."  Call me ignorant, but I had no idea what that meant.  I thought it was like, "Wack."  LOLL  And silly me, never thought to ask what this meant. 

On the fourth of July, one of my friends wives said, "Adriana, you are such the WAG girl!"  And FINALLY I asked, "What the heck is a "WAG?" She didn't know how to describe it.  She just said, "It's well...YOU."  So of course I googled it.

And this is some of what I collected on it:

Wag is a style that originated in Europe.  it was originally for soccer wives and seems to have started with Bekham's wife.  It is an ultra feminine look.  The woman usually have very long hair, wear big sunglasses, are very fashionable, love to shop, and the purse/bag is a very important part of their look.  Usually they use quite large bags, but there are times when even the "WAG" must use a smaller sized one. 

Each WAG wears her style differently.  For some it's dresses, for other's its designer jeans.  But one thing is true for both...they are very feminine looking in their style.  The WAG style has now expanded into other sports wives and no longer just remains amongst soccer wives.  Apparently WAG got really big due to the World Cup this year.

This does indeed describe me pretty well.  Now all I need is an athelet husband.  All joking aside, I think it describes pretty much everyone I know or at least everyone here in South Florida.  So I'm not sure about the WAG title.  It's been common place here for yearsssssssssssss.

Here are some WAG fashionistas.  Take a peek.  I bet it suites some of you as well.  Bet you never knew you were "WAG"  lol


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