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Monday, August 2, 2010


My design is about Architecture, art, design, fashion, beauty, etc.  However, today I'm doing something a little different.  I think it would be fun for my readers to get to know me.  So I'm sharing with you, my list of...


1) My daughter Vanessa - My little butterfly.  Her antics, laughter, learning how to pronounce new words, thinking she is a big girl, dancing, hugs and kisses, are enough to erase any sadness.  Thank you for being my blessing Vanessa!  I love you baby girl!!!!  XOXO

Vanessa, and eating her favorite snack...tomatoes!

2.) Rain Showers.  They are HEAVENLY, peaceful and relaxing.  They give me the urge to make some homemade soup and bread.  Light some candles, grab a good book (preferably something spoooooooky, since the mood is already set : ).  Pour myself a glass of wine, and go to my little reading nook.  Here I spend some quality time alone with my favorite authors and the fantasy land they build for me, only to leave it once the rain has settled. 

My little butterfly Vanessa, tasting raindrops!

3.) A clean an orderly purse.  Need I say more?

This purse is called the Butler Bag.  It is beautiful, simple and so easy to organize. 

4.) Candles.  There is a mood they evoke.  A gentle peace. 

This Mood Candle is called Demure by Mood.  One of my favorite scents.

5.) My pets.  I have had so many different animals.  An iguana (that I adopted from my then boyfriend), two bunny rabbits (one dwarf and one regular size).  A turtle, a parrot, cockatoos,  A few different dogs: a Chow-Chow, a Bishon Frise, and a Cocker Spaniel.  Two cats, (both persians).  One white as snow, with ocean blue eyes and the other which reminded me of a piece of yummy caramel! 

ALL of my pets have been loyal, faithful and so loving.  Always comforting me on my bad days.  Especially my dogs.  For now, the only pet I have left is my Bishon.  She is my princess.  By the way, just so you all know...I didn't own all these pets at once!  I had them throughout my lifetime)

Miss Sasha Contreras.  Full of smiles, (as always).

6.) Books and magazines - Studying architecture and design I fell in love with magazines of that genre.  I also enjoy photography magazines, yoga magazines, HGTV star cooking magazines, arts and crafts magazines, art magazines and  fitness and beauty magazines.  As for books, they are one of my greatest past times and form of personal entertainment, so cookbooks are one of my favorite book genres.  So are psychological thrillers, self-help and motivation, psychology, science, history, you name it.  I'll read it!

Wouldn't you like one of these at your beach!

7) The NIGHT.  At night, there is silence.  No one at the pool.  I have it all to myself.  In the darkness their is a mystery.  Absolutely beautiful.

8.) Architecture and Design - I am an Architecture and Interior Design student and as such have an obsession for the arts.  I love blogs and books, magazines, visiting sites, putting together my own designs, anything and everything that involves creativity.

                                            Futuristic Architectural home on an Island

Interior Design - office space from MiCasa

9.) Culinary anything.  If you could see me in the kitchen!  A mess for sure as I drop everything on the ground.  But I do cook pretty well if I don't say so myself.  :  )  Comfort food is my favorite food to prepare, but my favorite thing to do is to prepare new recipes for my family.  I love everything that involves the kitchen from cooking to gadgets and cookbooks. 

I made this dish on Friday.  It was delicious!  

10.) Classical, Jazz and Soul music.  This needs no other explanation.  Beautiful.

Even snoopy understands my passion!



  1. I enjoyed this post very much Adriana. It's nice to get a glimpse into your life. Vanessa is beautiful, you're very blessed indeed. xo! Oh and Miss Sasha is absolutely adorable, too!


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