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Monday, August 2, 2010


I am not a big nut over pageants.  I get a little saddened when I hear women say that they entered a pageant because their dream is to save the world.   I know they "supposedly" travel the world and help the needy, however...I have yet to see any work they have done.  And I believe with all media and pageant hype, it would be captured by someone...anyone, to share their great deeds to the world. 

Don't get me wrong, there has been a time or two when I have seen pictures and video of their hard work for the world, but they have always been while WATCHING the actual pageant.  You know, the part where the current queen is showing what she did throughout her tough year as a pageant queen, which seems to not be much at all.  It is all quite disappointing to me.

               Miss Universe Crown 2009

When I was about 19 my mother received a message on her home phone from those holding a pageant.  I believe it was called the "Miss Latina Pageant," or something of the sort.  They wanted me to participate as a contestent.  At first I thought it was a joke, got a good laugh at it and told my mother it was probably some silly friend playing a prank. 

Needless to say, I cringed as I heard the message.  There was no way this was an option, and I couldn't believe my mom was smiling saying, "Oh come on now honey...give it a shot!  It could be fun!  I know you can win!  Adriana...the beauty queen!  And she began to walk around the room waving her hand like a pageant queen.  If I didn't want to run when I heard the message, I wanted to run...THEN."

A few days later the call came in again.  My mother was so giddy.  "Ummm...may I ask how you got our number or my daughter's name?" She asked.  "Yes, she the lady on the other line.   She has come highly recommended by a few, who said she she would be perfect!"  I was standing next to my mother making signs like in a silent movie. Insisting she hang up.  I was mouthing the words, "No! no! No!" Under
my breath. Finally, between the woman on the phone and myself, she got
so confused, that she finally bid her farewell.

To this day, I believe it was a prank.  I mean come on!  Who nominates someone into a pageant?  And more than one person?  Please!  The lady was making it up.  She had to be.  My mother refuses to believe this as she claims that a month later she called the number and they answered and gave her info about the pageant without her even mentioning my name.  "We will never know will we, I said to her." And that was the last we ever spoke of it. 

Now here is my hypocricy.  My mother, grandmother and I get together every year over a bowl of popcorn and got it!  We watch the pageant!  They watch it to see who will win and to support our country of Colombia.  (I have a cousin whom I have never met; she won pageant one year grandma must watch the pageant every year). 

I on the other hand watch it for the fashion.  I love the long gowns, and seeing their costume selections that represent their countries, at the beginning of the pageant.  I am big...huge on cultures, cuisines, languages, foreign music and films, etc.  This world has so much variey and the pageants give me an opportunity to visit many of them through the contestants. 

Today when I was reading Stylist, I came across a couple pageant pictures that I wanted your opinions on.  They are the pictures of Miss. Australia, as well as Miss. Japan. 

Australia seems to be highly disappointed in Miss Australias choice in fashion for representing her country.  The Austrailian media calls it a travesty and a joke.  Am I crazy for thinking it is beautiful?  I see nothing wrong with it.  And I believe the woman wearing it is a beauty in and of herself. 

As for Miss Japan, Wow, what can I say? To me it looks like she took a Kimono, cut it in half and said, "For in case I don't have the pageant in the bag, will this sell you on it?"  Seriously...NOT a good look at all.  THISE ONE is the one I would call a travesty!. 

Looking forward to your opinions.  Let me know what you think. 

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