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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Everyone has their fashion and beauty issues that make them cringe. This morning I was watching The Rachel Ray show and they had a fashion stylist on there with her 5 top personal fashion NO-NO's.

1) NO nude pantyhose!
2) NO white pumps!
3) NO pleated pants!
4) NO cut off jeans!
5) No scrunchies!

While I agree with her, some of these things aren't killers for me.

I agree pantyhose are a no-no, but business etiquette and in many cases, in places of work, they are required. I even worked at a place where I saw a woman get sent home for not wearing them. They pointed to the dress code part of the work manual, and than at the door! I hid my legs for the rest of the day, as I wasn't wearing pantyhose myself!  But the worst of all is when people wear pantyhose with open toed shoes!!

As for the white pumps. I'm going to have to agree with the stylist on Rachel Ray. Plain white pumps serve only one purpose. To DRAW ATTENTION TO YOUR FEET AND MAKE THEM LOOK BIGGER THAN THEY ARE!

Pleated pants? While I don't think they are a no-no, I don't think they are a smart or attractive look either. They make us look bigger in the belly area. Why bother doing sit up's if you are going to be wearing these unnattractive babies?

As for cut off jeans, while I don't think they are exactly what I would consider a classy or sophisticated look, they do serve their purpose. Maybe to paint your house, or for some down and dirty gardening. But other than that, lets leave these things at home alright?


 Scrunchies. Oh my goodness... can I make a confession? I have about 3 of them. I wear them when I am cleaning the house, when I am washing my face to keep my hair back, (in my defense my hair is very, very long!) I think I may have even forgotten I was wearing one on a few occasions, and actually went to the grocery, drug store and even hardware store in them!  It is true, scrunchies should NOT be a fashion statement!

While the 5 stylist NO-NO's are valid and I agree with them, they are the kind of fashion no-no's I would rather turn my head at.  They don't make me cringe at the core.  Below are the ones that truly drive me mad!

1) Granny pants or jeans that ride high on your waist. I mean REALLY HIGH.

2) White socks with black pants and black shoes (men)

3) Really short skirts with super high heels (Ladies you want to look classy, not like a...well you know.)

 4) When a new trend comes in and a person dresses from head to toe in it. Example: When the 80's look came back. I feel like saying, "Come on people! It's about adding a BIT of the 80's, not turning into the 80's!" A piece or two of the trend is MORE than ENOUGH.

5) When people don't dress age appropriate or body appropriate. I once went to a club in South Beach. Obviously as you know, people don't wear much clothes there! But I was horrified to see a woman who was about 5'2 and maybe a little over 200 pounds, wearing a dress with large holes going down both sides of the dress. Can you guess what was hanging out? It was just horrible! I don't care if you are 75 years old, 300 pounds or someone with the ideal figure. There is such a thing is dressing respectuflly. For yourself as well as for others.

Those are my 5 fashion NO-NO's. But I can't go without including my 5 Beauty NO-NO's too!  Unfortunatlely I have no pictures for this one.  I don't want to insult anyone by posting a facial picture of their up-close beauty NO NO. 

1) Hair that is so long and straight that it hits the lower back. No style just stringy and long. It does nothing but sit there.  No body.

2) The wrong color foundation leaving the persons face look like a mask added on to a different color body.

3) Blush that Is so strong it looks like someone rubbed a beet on their face.

4) Badly appplied permanant make-up (lipliner, eye-liner, eyebrows, etc).   (The only way this is acceptable, is if you need it to correct a cosmetic issue).

5) Bright lipstick with lots of eyeshadow. Yikes! It's either one or the other. Never use both!



  1. What is wrong with nude Pantyhose? nude Pantyhose are the most sexiest article of clothing a women can wear...ok just my opinion.( good nude pantyhose) anyway I understand to a degree on pantyhose with open toed shoes from a womens view but to most men it is very very sexy.(if you have nice feet that is)whenever women are saying no no to hose and open toed shoes..they show some woman with big ugly feet and ugly black nylons. If you have nice feet with painted toes(a nice red is very sexy) pantyhose(nude) and open toe shoes can look fantastic! my point is pantyhose look so much better than bare legs...Please ladies keep wearing.

  2. hahaha this made me laugh a lot! i agree with so much of it though. you're right about size appropriate stuff and it irritates me a bit that i'm a UK size 8 and someone who is UK size 18 will pay the same amount for a dress...when u can clearly see theres 3 times the amount of fabric! grrr. totally agree about see-through tights (panty hose) they look revolting. would tell ur boss ur allergic or sumit if they tell u you have to wear them!


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