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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Anyone know who this man is just by site?  If not, it is Frank Lloyd Wright.  One of the most famous American born Architects. As an architecture student, he leaves me awe struck.  I can sit before his works of art and simply stare at them (with no shame). 

I was fortunate enough to have lived in Evanston, Illinois and therefore had the opportunity to see some of his work up close and personal.  What a treat that was! 

I am sure you have seen the "Fallingwater House."  If you have not, here are a few photos for you.  His work is simply exceptional!

(To see photos larger, please click on photos)

View one of the Falling Water House

View two of the Fallingwater House

Here is an example of his other work.  Tell me you don't fall more and more in love as you see more of his architecture!

Here is the genius at work

 This beauty can be purchased for 15 million dollars.  Have you any change to spare?

This is my favorite photo of Frank Lloyd Wright.  There is something so genuine about it. 

1.) There is proof he attended high school, but no proof he graduated.

2.) He was not only an architect, but an unbelievably talented interior designer as well.

3.) In 1991, the American Institute of Architects recognized Frank Lloyd Wright as the BEST architect of all time.

4.)  His name given at birth was not Frank Lloyd Wright, but rather Frank Lincoln Wright.  He changed it in honor of his mother's heritage.

5). When he was at work one day, a servant hired a feq months earlier, set fire to the house and went on a klling rampage axing 7 people and killing them as the fire burned.  

For an interview conducted with Frank Lloyd Wright, please click here.


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