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Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have had my eye on this IKEA desk for two years now.  TWO YEARS! 

I went to buy it one day and got so enthralled with the store, that I forgot to buy it after walking around for 3 hours! (Not smart, but let's chalk it up to simply having a carefree mind that day, shall we?)

Since I am in the middle of my move and emptying out my storage, redecorating and organizing my home, getting my new school year in architecture started up, and getting my daughters schedule set, it may not be the time to buy the desk now. WILL be MINE...soon enough!

Once it's mine, I will eat, breathe and maybe even sleep on it! I am exaggerating, but I didn't know how else to express my love for this desk to you, so you would understand.

As an architecture student is fantastic because it is grand in size.    There are also parts to it you cannot see in this picture.  The top is glass and it has a space between it's frame and the glass which allows you to store your papers or anything else you may need.  It even has a light for art work.  Not the kind of light that rests on the desk, but a light WITHIN the desk.  For lets say tracing or photographs, etc. 

Now guess the price?  I don't remember the exact amount but I think it's somewhere along $150.  A STEAL! 


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