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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Style 2011

There is no set style for anyone. 

Style is something one makes, forms, expresses and lives. 

Yes, it is true, there are "style trends," but this does not mean we must be slaves to a particular style.

Our influence should be our passions and creativity. 

Taking a bit from designers, others ideas, and your own creativity, will make a style that is all your own.

This is something that should be applied not only to fashion but to your home design as well. 

Here are a few tips on what is big on home design and decor right now. 

1) GREY IS BIG! -  Especially in kitchens.  Does this seem dull and uninspiring for a kitchen? One would think so, but the reality of it is that is can be refreshing.  And the grey can be any shade with a tint of another color!

2) GO GREEN -  The environment and world we live in may seem alright right now, (but we all know that it is not).  Lets think about future.  About the generations to come.  It is important to teach our children the importance of caring not only about ourselves but of others as well.  You don't have to become a tree-hugger.  Simple find one or two permanant changes you can make in your lifestyle to make a difference and encourage your family to do the same. 

 3) SPLASH OF COLOR - Look at the runway.  Usually the colors that walk down the runway are the colors you will be using in your homes as well.  Right now what's happening is splashes of color.  Some people fear color thinking it will be too much, but trust me, a little splash of color will go a long way to refreshing a room! 

Some great colors to look into are aquamarine, yellow, coral, emarald green, etc.  (If you want some tips as to what color will go well in your room, you can use me as a sounding board.  Share a picture of your space and I will help you out.

4) PERSONALIZE - Don't go into your every day furniture store and buy a full living room set or bedroom set or what have you.  This is very unnpersonalized.  Instead take your time decorating your home.  Put your own personal touches.  Look through magazines and see that the trend is never to buy a premade room, but rather to add different materials, woods, textures, etc.  Find what you love, not what someone else made for you. Scan vintage stores, I've found some golden pieces there!

5) SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW - Mix an old piece with a more refined modern piece.  It adds a new element and dimension to your space.  Scan the internet or decor magazines and you will find that this is what makes the rooms so awe inspiring. 

If you have done any of this, please share pictures.  I would love to see your new rooms!

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