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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


As I say, "Design is EVERYWHERE."  I don't know that it is avoidable.  Even the most humble, unadorned, undecorated room has it's design made of of specific measurements, with it's specific use. 

Below are some designs I ran across on Nea Hardy.  There are a total of 34 fun designs to share.  If you would like to see the others, pay them a visit to see the rest. 

These were some of my personal favorites:

This is a fun one isn't it?  It is like laying in your own backyard!  It is cozy, comfy, fun and whimsical.  I can envision this piece in a kids rec room or even in a college apartment.

This is a handy little nightstand.  Some of you are not about eating in the bedroom.  As for me, there is nothing cozier than a late night snack in bed, while watching a scary movie or a comedy. (My preference is left over chinese food in its container in one hand and chopsticks in the other).  Even though I try to keep nice and neat while eating in bed, there have been those times when I have spilled a little here, or there.  These nightstands that turn into trays would keep my sheets and PJ's nice and clean.  Are they not lovely!

I am a bibliophile to the core.  Nothing and I mean nothing, gives me more pleasure than sitting by myself, in peace and silence, as I read an intriguing book. It is an especially enriching experience, if it is raining or the fire place is on (which it never is here in Florida!)

This chair has everything a bibliophile could ever want or need.  Books, notes, tags, highlighters, and even a wheel!  Yes, you heard correctly, this baby has a wheel!  Maybe I could roll myself to the refrigerator with this one! 

I do not know if you are the kind of person who asks people to take their shoes off when they enter your home.  I never understood that, and found it a bit rude at one time.  But once I had a baby, it was shoes off for everyone!  I didn't want my baby crawling in peoples shoe scum. 

My baby is not a baby anymore.  (At least not to the world, but she will be my baby until she is, well...forever), I still like the practice of taking ones shoes off in the house.  Everything remains neat and tidy this way.  Not to mention I dont' have to wash the floor as often. 

The little drawer hidden within these steps is ideal.  It keeps the shoes hidden from view.

I used to live at my computer. (Not so much anymore now that my free time is at a minimum.) Nevertheless, I still use my computer quite a bit.  Last year I purchased a new Mac and within a month a full glass of water was spilt into the keyboard.  I was not happy. This little invention would have saved me the cost of another computer!

This is a neat idea.  When it rains you don't want to wet your tush, so how about cranking your seat for a dry spot?

Make sure to visit Nea Hardy's site for more designs.

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