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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I often admire architecture and wonder what the process was for the architect to make his art a reality. 

At times a building is simplistic with one outstanding element.  Others, the entire piece is a work of art that one cannot take it's eyes off.

To me, the Roof of the Sony Center in Potsdamer Platz, in Berlin Germany, is something to get lost in.

It's architect was Halmut Jahn.

The roof covers the plaza as an umbrella would.

Upon first impression, the roof may resemble a bicycle wheel, but it is so much grander in art. 

The roof is made of glass and fabric, and is suspended from cable structures. 

It provides ventilation and daylight as well as shelter.  One of its main roles is that of ventilation.  It is of great importance, as it is not air conditioned. 

The elegant Sony Center is located in the center of Berlin, Germany.  And is only one building of many, that make up Potsdamer Platz.  

 It's story is quite relevant and humbling.

Potsdamer Platz began as a trading post in 1685. 

By the time the 1920' and 30's rolled around it became one of the liveliest squares in Europe, where transportation and entertainment was its claim to fame.  

Sadly, in the 1940's Potsdamer Platz was bombed during the war, and was left in ruins.

In the 1960's, there was nothing left of it, as the Berlin wall was built right through it.

As one would expect, once the Berlin wall was torn down, the energy of the country was grand.  The country  wanted to rebuild what once meant so much to them but was taken from them through war and terror. 

The country was in search of a fresh start as well as the connection that Potsdamer Platz one gave to it's people.
Construction to make Potsdamer Platz one of the grandests centers in Europe began construction in 1994.  By 1998. 

It's architects were Wilmer and Sattler.  However, there were others.  

These days, everything from the Imax theater to dining and just about every form of entertainment can be found in Potsdamer Platz.

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