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Monday, March 29, 2010

Etsy Goodies for the Today

I am a collector of many things. Journals/diaries/sketchbooks are big on my list. This one is fabulous. Look at how thick it is! Lots of space for creative writing, quotes, poetry, deep thoughs, and secrets!

My obsession with France, the french culture, cuisine, language and country itself is actually quite embarrassing. It's my greatest dream to live there one day. At the very least, own a small cottage on the southern countryside. This T-shirt with the map of France was made just for me...and you!

Beautiful isn't it? Amazing that it was made out of polymer clay. The colors are enchanting. The ocean is what it makes me think of. Beautiful piece.

I don't collect dolls. As a child didn't care for them. But now with a daughter of my own, who loves dolls, I get to enjoy the beauty of it's different characters. This one is adorable.

Vintage inspired pillows make me smile. A beautiful one for my patio, my bed or even my little girls room.


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